Bathroom Doors Smart Glass Which Clear To Opaque Glass

Bathroom Doors Smart Glass Which Clear To Opaque Glass

OFF/Opaque, ON/Transparent High transparency with low haze,it is 5% rate

Product Details

Clear opaque glass specification :

1. OFF/Opaque, ON/Transparent

2. High transparency with low haze,it is 5% rate 

3. Low energy consumption, 4W/SQM

4. Water proof &Heat resistance

5. Various of sizes for options,like oval , round , etc 

No.   Item                     Result 

1 Transmittance        >78% (On), >55(OFF)

2 Haze Rate                < 5%

3 Voltage                       AC48V

4 Consumption               < 4W/SQ meters

5 Size                     Min size is 110*190mm (Sample size too )             

                                            Max size :1800*2200mm or customer size 

                                            Glass thickness : 5MM tempered glass +Smart glass film +5mm tempered glass

6 View angle            150 degree 

7 Response time   1s ON to OFF 5S OFF to ON

8 Working lifespan  50000H 

9 Switching times More than 100000 times 

10 Sound solution     >35db

11 Warranty year   5 years 

12 Storage temp.    - 20 degree to +60 degree

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Clear to opaque glass Application

Corporate boardrooms / meeting rooms

Residential windows

Dividing partitions

Conservatories / sun rooms

Vision panels

Luxury vehicle privacy

Bathroom doors and windows 

Retail / museum display cases

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Superior quality with satisfaction guarantee.

Multiple Shapes, Sizes and Colors Available.

Each piece of smart glass doors is bespoke, so whatever your specification, we manufacture to order providing the perfect design solution.

How to works ?

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The normal package is wooden crates

1. Interlay paper or plastic between two sheets

2. Seaworthy wooden crates 

3. Iron belt for strengthening or according to customers special request.






For smart glass doors, what accessories to match ?

Answer: Transformer,Remote Control,Installation Guide,install videos, A4 sized Switchable Film demo kits are available that come complete with control switch.

Does it block the UV harmful rays?  

Answer: it blocks over 98%+- UV

how much is smart glass

Answer:Pls just be informed your dimension and quantity. Cost will be

calculated shortly.

Our service 

Fast delivery time , only 7 working days glass can be shipping 

Full range of flat glass supply, offering one-stop purchase.    

we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.

How to find us ?

Please let me know if you are intnerested in any glass products,we will provide best quality &  best service to you.

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Zeelang is a professional Switchable Privacy Glass supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale bathroom doors smart glass which clear to opaque glass from our factory.

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