Electric Privacy Glass Doors

Electric Privacy Glass Doors

1.Smart privacy glass is newly glass products that almost as clear as float glass . Transmittance to 80%. 2.Zeelang privacy glass passed CE, ROHS, FCC certificate that friendly to Euopean martket and America market . 3.Longlife span time can up to 100,000H.

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Electric privacy glass doors

Electric privacy glass doors

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Privacy glass  also known as electric glass ,smart glass . It is a new type of special photoelectric glass product with a sandwich structure in which a liquid crystal molecular film is sandwiched between two glass layers and is integrally molded by high temperature and high pressure. The user controls the transparent and opaque state of the glass by controlling the on and off of the current. The glass itself has all the characteristics of safety glass, and at the same time it has the privacy protection function of controlling the transparency of the glass.Connect to power transformer . Switch on , glass changes to clear color and to be opaque when turn off. 

Principle: The liquid crystal molecules in the intelligent electronically controlled dimming glass point to a disorderly arrangement in a free state, so that the incident light is in a state of intense light scattering, that is, in an opaque state. After the electric field is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in an orderly manner, allowing incident light to pass through, ie, a transparent state.


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1. Dimmability: Intelligent electronically controlled privacy tempered glass has the property of quickly and freely adjusting the visible light and infrared light transmittance. It takes only about one-thousandth of a second from an opaque state to a transparent state. It takes only one hundredth of a second from transparent to opaque, and its transparency can be changed instantly.

2. Safety: Due to the production technology of laminated private glass, the safety of intelligent electronically controlled dimming glass is improved. The film in the privacy glass firmly sticks the glass, so that when the smart electronically controlled dimming glass is impacted and broken, the glass fragments stick to the middle film, and there is no situation that the debris splashes and hurts people.

3, sound insulation: Privacy glass in the middle of the dimmer film and film has a damping effect on the sound, can effectively block all types of noise.


As one of newly produts , it is application for privacy glass doors , windows , partition walls , showcase , shower rooms , hotels etc . 



Opticle Data






View Angle

150 degree

UV Rate










Clear color


Milk frosted color

Power Data

Power Supply



0.05 (A/sqm)


5W/SQ meters

Size Data

Glass thickness : 6mm ulter clear glass + privacy smart film +6mm ulter clear glass,total around 13.5MM 

Min glass : 110*120MM or based on your size (Free sample also for this siz

Max glass size : 1800* 7000MM. But considering transport ,advice size belwo :1800*3600mm


Wooden case with iron belt 

Delivery time

Within 5 days for samples ,  5-30 days for quantity orders

Payment terms 

T/T , L/C , Paypal , Western Union , Cash , Alibaba insurance etc. 

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Q1 :  How to use privacy tempered glass ?

A :  Private glass only working after connection powers .  Inside package , we have guide teach you how to use this glass . Follow it . If any doubt , contact us . Our sales can help you solve the problem online 

Q2 : How many shipping way can choose ?

A : Based on your privacy glass panel doors size and quantity , shipping can by sea or by air .  Most cusotmers shipping by sea cause of less freight 

Q3 : What's is smart privacy glass cost ?

A : Based on diffirent size and size , smart glass cost maybe from 130 - 180USD/square meters . Welcome offered us exacatly size , cost may exactly. 

Q4: Can i use AC220V power ?

A: Smart privacy glass only accept AC48V power .  Using 220V power , electric privacy glass have shorter lifespan . 


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Zeelang is a professional Switchable Privacy Glass supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale electric privacy glass doors from our factory.
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