Green Color Switchable Smart Tempered Glass Price List

Green Color Switchable Smart Tempered Glass Price List

Green color smart film , When turn on , color changes to clear green color , you can see through by here . When turn off, color changes frosted green color . Can't see anything .

Product Details


Smart tempered glass which has a special characteristic of changing between clear and opaque by voltage control. With such a function, Smart glass meets people’s double requirements of light transmission and protecting privacy. Also called as switchable tempered glass or switchable glass .

Features about switchable tempered glass

(1).  Privacy Protection:

Transparent (Power on), Opaque but light pervious (Powder off) in high switching speed. It’s instantaneous to make the film from completely transparent to fully opaque or vice versa.

(2). Energy Saving:

In an energized state, only 5W low power consumption per square meter per hour. 60% infrared can be shield by smart film to reduce heat radiation and transfer; 99% of UV can be shield to protect interior furnishings from color-fading or aging, to protect personnel from diseases caused by ultraviolet radiation.

(3). Sound Proofing:

Smart film having a sound damping effect; can effectively block all kinds of noise.

(4). Diversified Control:

Smart glass is versatile and can be controlled in many ways, like a wall switch, dimmer, motion detector, light, temperature sensor, remote or remote network control.


It can be widely use in residence, hotel, office,  museum, bank, hospital, yacht, auto and etc.



50% when turn on, below 10% when turn off


Below 5% from font side


Frosted green color when turn off, clear green color when turn on

switchable tempered glass structure

4MM float glass +EVA film +Green smart film + EVA film +4MM float glass

Min size


Max size


Operating Temp.

-20 degree to +60 degree

Working voltage



Wooden case

Warranty year

5 years







Working Principle

The working principle is mainly taken place by the Smart LC film, when power off, visible light scatters through the PDLC of Smart LC film and the glass turn opaque; when power on, visible light transmits the PDLC of Smart LC film and the glass turns transparent.

 working princeple.png


Certificate :

Shenzhen Zeelang Glass Co., Ltd got CE , ROHS , FCC certificate about smart tempered glass in 2016.




1. Do you have price list for green smart glass ?

RE : Usually we quote price based on your size . You may email me directly for your size .

2. Can i use AC220V power to drove the smart tempered glass ?

RE : No, this is dangerous and easily to makes the glass broken .  Our smart tempered glass only offer 48V ,  you can match with transformer which can change power to AC48V . This is safety power .

3.What is the average lead time for a Zeelang switchable  Glass project?

RE:Small order can be manufactured and ready for dispatch within 10 days.Large orders may take up to four weeks.Contact us to potencial timeframes for your project.

4. Does Privacy Glass affect transmition of UV light?

RE:Yes. In its opaque (default/off) state, Privacy Glass effectively blocks 99%+ of harmful UV rays. With the use of certain glass types, and/or a variety of interlayers, we are also able to increase the energy efficiency of the product.


About Zeelang Processing 


Zeelang is a professional Switchable Privacy Glass supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale green color switchable smart tempered glass price list from our factory.

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